Professional Writers – the Engine of Our Service

Customers often ask us about our amazing capabilities of our essay writing service. The only true answer would be “We’ve got the right staff”, speaking about the team of specialists we employ.

Hiring a new writer

Our company has strict requirements towards the candidates that apply for an essay writing job. First of all, we accept only native English speakers, ensuring that the language is appropriate and rich in vocabulary. Secondly – every applicant must hold at least MA in a particular area of study and the higher the degree, the better. The last but not least – one should have at least two years of successful writing experience before joining our team. Every specialist here has already gone through hundreds of academic works, including essays, research papers and even dissertations. That is how we maintain the quality of service, and how we want it to be. Anyway, if the candidate has met all of the requirements, he takes a complex test of skills, targeted to pick the best of the best.

The Team

Today we’ve got more than 4000 writers with about one third of them PhD or higher. They’re extremely skilled and experienced, which allows them to take on academic papers of any complexity. This number allows us to fulfill nearly a hundred orders a day with 97% customer satisfaction. Taking into account the way we started this essay writing service, it’s a great progress.

“It takes an average student a few days to write a complex essay where research is required. Being a History MA, I can perform ten times that speed. At the moment I’m working on a dissertation – third one this year. When I’m tired of it, I usually take easier assignments and spend a day writing essays and book reports. I’m still meeting the deadline though, because I always plan my work ahead.”

Jennifer T., senior writer

Our writers feature:

  • Any academic papers written from scratch on time
  • Perfect quality of works
  • Proper formats and structures
  • Relevant research
  • No plagiarism
  • Appropriate language
  • High academic degrees
  • Professionalism, reliability and experience